Debate Competition

Debate Competition

The objective of this competition is to refine knowledge and critical analyzing skill regarding environmental aspect of oil and gas industry. The motion may vary from activities in oil and gas industry that may cause environmental issue, to government’s policy regarding oil and gas industry.

  • Topic : Environmental Aspect of Oil and Gas Industries
  • Participants : Member of SPE in Indonesia. Each SC will have one team representive, which consist of three people. This competition wil be devided into three stages ; pre-eliminary round, semifinal, and the grand final. In the pre-eliminary round, each team will be given a topic/motion that they have to present in front of other teams. Four best team will be advance to the semifinal round. The semifinal round and the final round will be the realdebate competition. Standard debate competition rules apply.
  • Place and Time : Saturday, November 12th 2011 at Faculty of engineering of University of Indonesia.

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