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 SPE-SCUI proudly present the biggest event in this year :

SPE Environment Days (SED) “Revealing The Green Side of Oil and Gas Industries” which will be held on 11th – 13th November 2011. Contains :

1. Critical Essay Thinking

“Improving Oil and Gas Industry Towards Environmental Protection Management”

  • Participant : Member of SPE SC
  • Procedure of registration :

a. Registration : 7th august-25th september 2011
b. Essay submission : before 9th october 2011 by sending email to sed.spescui@gmail.com
c. Assessment : 10th octobet-10th november 2011
d. Announcement of the winner : 13th november 2011

2. Debate Competition

  • Participant : Member of SPE SC max. batch 2008
  • Procedure of registration and re-registration :

a. Registration : 12th sept-28 oct 2011
b. Case study given : 28th oct 2011
c. Technical meeting session and re-registration : 10th nov 2011
d. Announcement of debate motion : 10th nov 2011

3. Seminar
“Eco-Friendly Technology in Exploration and Production”

  • Participant : students and practitioner
  • This seminar series will be held on 12th Nov 2011 with 3 session :

a. Session 1: Carbon capture and storage technology
b. Session 2: Water Treatment
c. Session 3: Non-Technical Session

Prizes :
Money, Sertificate, Thropy for the best winner and best student chapter

For more detail information, download our booklet here:  http://www.mediafire.com/?tq4cx69y41fh49q

Contact us :
Farah : 081284073258
Iqlima : 081807569757
Teguh : 0817150635

visit our blog : sedspescui.wordpress.com
and follow our twitter : @sed_speuisc


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