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Announcement for Seminar Tickets

We announce that SED National Seminar’s ticket are SOLD OUT. Online register is closed.


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SED’s New Poster

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List of essay participants

Name Institution
1. Adrian Hartadi Bandung Institute Of Technology
2. Adrian Promediaz Bandung Institute Of Technology
3. Yosaka Eka Putranta Bandung Institute Of Technology
4. Bagus Indra Ardiyanto UPN “Vetaran” Yogyakarta
5. Donna Sita Rolanda UPN “Vetaran” Yogyakarta
6. Febri Endah Tri Nirwesty UPN “Vetaran” Yogyakarta
7. Muhammad Rasyid Ridlah UPN “Vetaran” Yogyakarta
8. Rena Carissa University of Indonesia
9. Fakhrian Aqbari University of Indonesia
10. Hilman Hutama University of Indonesia
11. Erfandi Adhiansyah Gadjah Mada University
12. Tyas Karismasari Gadjah Mada University
13. Diana Rahmasari Gadjah Mada University
14. Hazeson Eduward D. Sirait Trisakti University
15. Timothy Stefan Darsana Trisakti University
16. Ganang Herniyani STT MIGAS Balikpapan
17. Dale Amazone STT MIGAS Balikpapan

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what’s new

 Double click this image to see it clearly

 SPE-SCUI proudly present the biggest event in this year :

SPE Environment Days (SED) “Revealing The Green Side of Oil and Gas Industries” which will be held on 11th – 13th November 2011. Contains :

1. Critical Essay Thinking

“Improving Oil and Gas Industry Towards Environmental Protection Management”

  • Participant : Member of SPE SC
  • Procedure of registration :

a. Registration : 7th august-25th september 2011
b. Essay submission : before 9th october 2011 by sending email to
c. Assessment : 10th octobet-10th november 2011
d. Announcement of the winner : 13th november 2011

2. Debate Competition

  • Participant : Member of SPE SC max. batch 2008
  • Procedure of registration and re-registration :

a. Registration : 12th sept-28 oct 2011
b. Case study given : 28th oct 2011
c. Technical meeting session and re-registration : 10th nov 2011
d. Announcement of debate motion : 10th nov 2011

3. Seminar
“Eco-Friendly Technology in Exploration and Production”

  • Participant : students and practitioner
  • This seminar series will be held on 12th Nov 2011 with 3 session :

a. Session 1: Carbon capture and storage technology
b. Session 2: Water Treatment
c. Session 3: Non-Technical Session

Prizes :
Money, Sertificate, Thropy for the best winner and best student chapter

For more detail information, download our booklet here:

Contact us :
Farah : 081284073258
Iqlima : 081807569757
Teguh : 0817150635

visit our blog :
and follow our twitter : @sed_speuisc

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