Oil and gas are a large industry which is mainly supporting in providing energy as our primary life source. Nowadays, oil and gas are the highest demand of energy. In providing energy to fulfill the demands, oil and gas industry is doing some explorations and exploitations of our natural gas resources, it will give bad impacts towards the environment directly or indirectly. Because of this reason, many people think that oil and gas industries are responsible for these problems due to their activity toward the environment. However, it is unwise to make presumption that oil and gas industry is responsible for devastating our natural resources.

Oil and gas industry surprisingly brings solutions to overcome this problem. The fact is oil and gas companies nowadays have implemented the friendly environmental technology. As the result, it will be a breakthrough towards the other non-oil  and gas company that also unconsciously damages our natural resources. Neverthless, most of the people still don’t know  and realize about this sophisticated  technology.

Furthermore, we, as members of Society of Petroleum Engineer Student Chapter University of Indonesia, have this idea to hold and event to reveal the green technology that oil and gas industries have already applied. This event is called SED.

What is SED ??

What the purpose of SED ??



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    Lek Chun Hou said,

    Hello, if i wish to take part in critical essay competition, must I be present during the conference? Thank you.

    • 2

      No you dont have to attend the conference, but there will be privilege for who join Critical Essay Competition, we will give free pass to the conference. Now, it depends how you manage our privilege. Let’s join our competition! 😉
      hope to see you and other delegates from UTP here.. Let’s join 🙂

      for any inquires, you can contact us on email :

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